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Auto Parts Zone:

 Engine and matching parts, brake system and components, body, chassis systems and components, instruments, air conditioning systems, standard parts, vulnerable parts, etc.;

Automotive Electronics Zone:

 Vehicle lighting, intelligent networking, automotive electronic products, new energy systems;

New Energy Vehicles Zone:

New energy vehicle complete vehicles; pure electric vehicle complete vehicles; power drive and components; charging (swapping) equipment and technology; new energy achievements display and supporting services;

Automotive Supplies and Modification Zone: Automotive interior, automotive boutique, beauty care, machinery and equipment exterior modification, interior kit upgrades, maintenance equipment, complete vehicle modification, modification parts, power modification parts, car electronic appliances, pendants, car perfumes, wipers, LED lights, seat cushions, floor mats, etc.;

Motorcycle Parts Zone:

 Engine components, electrical and instruments, transmission systems and components, driving and chassis components, control systems and component products and related products, complete vehicles, general and other accessories, etc.